Zebra Dodge Privacy Policy

In order to provide all our players with the best possible experience, both CloseCall Studios (the developers) and Unity Technologies collect certain elements of information during the use of this application.

All data collected by Unity Technologies is covered by their privacy policy which is available at: https://unity3d.com/legal/privacy-policy

In addition to this data collected by Unity Technologies, the developers collect the following information: progression in the story, dialogue choices, scores achieved, and gameplay and character preferences. None of the data collected by the developers constitutes personally identifying information.

As the data that the developers collect utilizes Unity Technologies’ Unity Analytics service, it is implicitly shared with Unity Technologies and is therefore covered by their privacy policy in addition to this privacy policy.

All data that the developers collect is used exclusively for the improvement of our games and will never be used as a source of revenue or shared with any third party apart from Unity Technologies.

CloseCall Studios