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The Game

Zebra Dodge is an action adventure free dodger that puts the player in the boots of Ace, a scrappy small town kid in desperate search of his mother. After commandeering his family's plane, he's mysteriously teleported to a new world inhabited by rogue zebras and shrouded in mystery. Dodge hordes of zebras to collect parts and find a way home, as well as discover the mysteries this vast new world has to offer.


  • Swipe to dodge zebras and tap the screen to advance through the level
  • Dodge through 6 unique environments
  • Collect pickups to find a way home
  • Experience an engaging story to uncover the secrets of this strange world
  • Collect bonus parts in Arcade Mode and try to top the leader boards
  • Listen to a soundtrack featuring Teenage Engineerings Pocket Operators
  • Master the art of the dodge and escape the horrors that dwell deep within the island's mountain

Hi! We're an Ottawa-based game studio founded in January of 2018.

What started off as two friends playing games together as kids has turned into a team excited to make games of our own to help share the magic and memories that games can create to all generations.

Jeffrey Newton-Evans is a visual artist with a background in film and music. He’s one half of CloseCall Studios and is the Creative Director, animator, music producer, writer, graphic designer, and narrative director for Zebra Dodge. He makes a damn fine cup of coffee.

Erik C.M. Johnson is a programmer with a background in engineering. He's the other half of CloseCall Studios and is the Technical Director, programmer, and game designer for Zebra Dodge. He drinks a lot of coffee.

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